Test your music for free!

“Get It On Track” is a cost free test in the CEM Music Test analysis system. The free version is ideal for learning the analytical system and for involving your audience who can provide feedback on your music. Join the analysis system and get started immediately to analyze your music and your audience immediately. The free test “Get It On Track” makes it incredibly easy to get your music evaluated via Facebook, Twitter or by sending an evaluation link, via email or text. The test is free.

Music favorites of the audience

Now you and the decision makers in the music industry have the opportunity to discover how the audience receives new music. “CEM MusicTest” measures the quality of the music, completely cleared of celebrity factors and marketing. The top list is based on a professional market analyze, evaluated by a representative audience. The audience is completely impartial, and they are randomly selected and interviewed by a trained interviewer.

Get yourself discovered in only 3 days!

A music test only takes 3 days to complete. The audience’s feelings about your music will instantly be accessible for decision makers, who will be able to see to what degree your music captures the audience’s interest. You are even able to get an exact description of your target group! It depends only on your access settings, whether you have permitted groups or individuals within the categories: festivals, record labels, agents or media, to access the data about your music. Create a free user and start using CEM MusicTest!

The world is now open!

In less than 5 days, you will be able to see whether your music will be successful in Spain, Australia, USA – or a completely different country. With your acceptance, decision makers and audiences worldwide can see your test results as well as listen to your music. This allows your music, wherever in the world, to be spotted instantly. Create a free user and access CEM MusicTest!

CEM MusicTest in short

With great thanks to the “CEM MusicTest” analysis system, it’s neither expensive nor difficult to conduct a professional market analysis of music in the future! The analysis system is based on the business philosophy “Customer Experience Management”. Voxmeter has been a leader in the industry since 2008 and has helped big and small businesses to succeed – and now players in the music industry too. The advantage of involving the audience in the development phase (prior to release) is to avoid unfortunate surprises and get data about the audience to use for effective marketing. It also means that niche music is matched with its ideal audience. Create a free user and access CEM MusicTest!

CEM MusicTest applikation
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